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Wallumatta Legal

a low fee, not-for-profit, family law firm

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Who we are

Wallumatta Legal is a low fee, not-for-profit law firm that assists clients with family law issues exclusively. We primarily help people who don’t qualify for government funded legal services, such as Legal Aid, but can’t afford to pay a private law firm. We offer low fee, fixed fee pricing to reduce the access to justice gap, so that more people can get the family law advice and assistance they need.

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What we believe

Every Australian should have access to legal services, regardless of their financial position, background, or other factors. Gaps in the availability of low-cost family law services have resulted in significant unmet legal need in the community and may lead to unfair outcomes for the financially disadvantaged party. Wallumatta Legal strives to offer low cost, and practical legal services that are designed to lower the barriers to accessing justice.

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