What we do

We aim to help you resolve your family law matter as efficiently as possible without the need to go to Court. Through working together and using a combination of traditional law firm services and easy legal tech, we are able to keep costs down to make our services accessible and affordable. We know that navigating the legal system is not easy for everyone, so don’t go it alone. We can provide you with the legal support that you need, when you need it.

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We can assist you with...


Parenting ISSUES


Consent orders

divorce applications

Who we assist

Wallumatta Legal aims to provide affordable legal services for low to middle income earners, who are ineligible for government funded legal services, such as Legal Aid, but cannot afford to pay private practice law firm fees.

Whilst we do not apply strict eligibility criteria we give consideration to the following factors in assessing whether clients can access the service.

lower income

Your annual income is in the low to middle income range. This figure may vary depending on your circumstances.

Barriers to access

There are factors that affect your disposable income. For example, you are responsible for children or other family members, if you are living with a disability, live in a rural or remote area, or there is another reason that prevents you from accessing affordable legal assistance.

INeligible for support

You are not eligible for government funded legal support.

How our pricing works

Fees at Wallumatta Legal will vary, depending on the type of work required. Once you tell us about your case, we will explain what legal work is needed to achieve your goals and provide a cost estimate. Throughout this process, we encourage you to ask questions, to ensure you have enough information before making a decision to engage our lawyers.

Let’s get started

When a relationship ends, things can be very confusing and it may be difficult to know what to do next. This is the time to get legal advice specifically for you. Wallumatta Legal offers a fixed price initial consultation, which includes online tools to help you gather your facts and select your preferred appointment time with one of our lawyers. If you are ready please follow the GET LEGAL HELP link.

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